Vaiot Explainer

VAIOT Explainer

Describing complex AI and blockchain-powered product to users.

Motion Design, Communication Strategy

VAIOT approached us to illustrate a new ICO project they are creating in the form of an explainer video. Their product is a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology that creates new ways of accessing services and concluding legal agreements using a voice user interface (VUI).

Explainers are typically short and engaging videos that draw attention, allowing you to explain your business, idea, product, or service.  We had to demonstrate the concept behind the advanced and innovative solution offered by VAIOT.

The outcome is an increased awareness among potential clients and a tool supplementing the Marketing and Sales departments.




Social Media

Release date


Understanding the current situation

Defining complete message

The crucial part of the project was to correctly define the level of details and scope of features available with the new generation of services offered by VAIOT. As we knew from the research done as a part of the strategy phase, the message had to be straightforward.

To specify the communication strategy, we ran a workshop session. One of the tools we used is called a Bipolar Chart. It helps to align the expectations and set the direction using visual reference. It enables designers and stakeholders to build a shared understanding of the project that we build.

Bipolar chart

The workshop's output, combined with the knowledge gathered while working on a related project (coming soon), allowed us to prepare several scenarios and storyboards.


Visual Direction

As the work on the script and storyboard progressed, we began collecting inspirations. After reviewing them with VAIOT and examining particular elements, we came up with simplistic colors and a nearly flat illustration style.

Explainers found on Youtube

During the process, we explored different forms and colors to get the desired final look.

Woman chatting with VAIOT
Car with a bridge in a background

Voice-over and postprocessing

People gain a better understanding of a product or service once they see and hear someone explain it. That's why selecting a matching lector for voice-over is crucial. As we combined the visual part with the sound, an animated explainer video for VAIOT was ready. Here's the result, and we hope you love it as much as we do!


It’s first time that Agency put so much effort understanding the problem and coming out with evidence-based solution. They seamlessly translate our business perspective into a successful project exceeding our expectations."

Maria Łapińska

Executive Director, Instytut Innowacyjna Gospodarka

Scope of work

Creating an explainer video is a tough task, but following the design thinking process enabled us to create the video and meet the client's expectations. By the way, you can read the article on our process for creating animated explainers here.

Discovery & Strategy

Competetive Analysis




Visual Design

Motion Design

Art Direction



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