Depression Campaign

Depresja? Nie.

Campaign addressing an important social problem

Research, UX Design, Visual Design

Around 1.8 million people in Poland suffer from depression. The problem of depression is common. However, low awareness of Poles in this matter causes disregard for symptoms. Depressed patients do not come to understand the environment, and they lack the support they need.

The goal of the cooperation was to help people with depression and their immediate surroundings through problem communication and proper education. The result was an ongoing social campaign.





Release date


Multifaceted challenge

Depression is a disease that remains taboo in Poland. Changes can be made only through proper education and changing the image of the word “depression.” To better understand the audience, in addition to organizing the workshop with the client and medical consultants, we also held in-depth interviews with people suffering from depression. As a result, the eye-opening report was made.

Rebranding depression
with shapes and colors

Visual identification for the website was made as a result of collaboration with Butter. Our partners from Butter have done a great job of creating a unique direction based on the in-depth problem analysis.

“Most initiatives use dark colors that reinforce negative emotions. Along with Pragma we wanted to approach the problem from a different angle - using geometrical shapes to visualize feelings and emotions that may arise during illness.”

Magdalena Assanowicz

CEO at Butter

First symptoms
Worsening of symptoms

Road to recovery
Design that tells
a story

Based on the research, we wanted to emphasize the idea of a journey - from the first symptoms to recovery. It is how the people surveyed by us told about their struggles

We designed information architecture in a way that guides the user through the website, allowing us to tell the story and present the information they need on every step.

And how to overcome them

A lot of campaigns strengthen the harmful image of depression by reinforcing dark color schemes and a hard to read wall of text. We decided to break off – instead, we made it light, concise, and super easy to digest using appealing visuals and well-crafted copywriting.


It’s first time that Agency put so much effort understanding the problem and coming out with evidence-based solution. They seamlessly translate our business perspective into a successful project exceeding our expectations."

Maria Łapińska

Executive Director, Instytut Innowacyjna Gospodarka

Scope of work

Depression is a very sensitive topic. That said, the tone of voice plays a crucial part in communication. When creating a campaign direction, we paid a lot of attention to craft a proper dialog. Besides working on the strategy, we also delivered a user interface design and collaborated on a visual direction with our friends at Butter.

Discovery & Strategy

Competetive Analysis


User Personas

In-depth interviews

Visual Design

UI Design

Motion design

Art direction


UX Design

Information Architecture


Low-fidelity mockups

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